Upcycled Storage Jars

When my family first moved into our current home over a decade ago, we thought we had so much room. The closet space was wonderful! But fast forward to right now and the storage doesn’t seem so ample. Yes, I need to purge. I also need to organize.

Meanwhile, I found a brand of salsa that I like that comes in jars that I love. The jars have straight sides and are just the right size for my shelves. I can put all sorts of things in those jars to keep them organized. But having a row of salsa jar labels staring at you isn’t very pretty. And I have to stick a piece of tape on the jar so I can mark the source of the materials or the date or the project for which they’re intended or whatever.

Inspired by Annabel over at The Bluebirds are Nesting, I decided to dress up my jars, or at least make them look like they belong on my shelves and not in my recycle bin.

Chalkboard lids make upcycled storage jars so practical for organizing.

Chalkboard lids make upcycled storage jars so practical for organizing.

With a few readily-available supplies I turned the salsa jars into cute, practical storage jars.

storage jars with logo 2

I started with a half-dozen of my beloved salsa jars. I have quite a collection of them! I peeled off the plastic labels and then attacked the adhesive. Nail polish remover wasn’t cutting it, so I checked the home improvement store (going through Ebates so I’d get cash back) and found a solvent to try.

storage jars with logo 1

I used “Goof Off” (not a typo…with an “f”) to remove the adhesive. Fair warning: It took my husband, my son, and three pairs of pliers to get the container open. The solvent label was filled with dire warnings, so I wore gloves and protected my work surface and had proper ventilation and kept the solvent away from surfaces that might touch food. But with a few minutes of my time and a few paper towels and some elbow grease, I had adhesive-free jars. I washed the jars (away from food preparation surfaces) and then started on the lids.

storage jars with logo 3

Chalkboard paint seemed like a practical idea for the lids so I could label and re-label to my heart’s content. I got a little cash back on the order because I shopped through Ebates for the paint, too, and just picked up the order at the store. The Valspar paint was nice and thick and coated well on the first application even though I was using cheapo dollar store foam brushes. I used a light touch for the finishing strokes to try to keep the paint surface smooth.

storage jars with logo 4

Gloves kept the paint off of my hands. I did the edges of the lids first, painting from dry into wet as my father taught me. Then I plopped the lids down on a piece of cardboard and painted the tops. The paint can was also covered with warnings, so I was extra careful to make sure no food preparation surfaces were harmed by this project. (And no chemicals got in my family’s food!)

storage jars with logo 5

Once everything was dry I put the lids on the jars and they were done! The homeschool mom in me is giddy with the possibilities…crayons or chalk, one building set per jar, felt pieces or yarn scraps for the art shelf, and so on. My crafty side wants to separate out the little fabric scraps I’m saving and put pieces for one quilt square per jar. This would also be good storage when I’m gathering supplies for jewelry projects. So many ideas, so few jars!

Upcycled Storage Jars with a chalkboard lid are great for keeping little things together and organized.

Upcycled Storage Jars with a chalkboard lid are great for keeping little things together and organized.

The supplies cost less than $20 even before the Ebates cash back and I have gobs more solvent and paint and brushes that I could use to do tons more jars. I guess we need to eat more salsa!

Please comment with the ways you use your upcycled storage jars. I’d love to see your pictures on Facebook (www.facebook.com/AChatOverCoffee) or Twitter (@AChatOverCoffee).

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11 responses to “Upcycled Storage Jars

  1. I like to use Goo-gone…it works very well.

    These jars do not seem large as in for storing bulk food. I can’t picture what is going in the jars.


  2. Well detailed. It always annoys me when I see a good idea with barely any idea on how to accomplish it. I too am a saver of the jars 🙂 I’m going to try this . Thanks for inspiration & information.


  3. Living in Denmark where selection is limited everything costs a king’s ransom, we drive over the German border to go shopping a few times a year. I can’t get dill pickles in Denmark, so I usually buy a couple of gallon size jars of them. The empty jars are great for storing rice, oats, flour, sugar, etc.

    Over here, spices generally come in packets, not the little jars I was used to in the States, so I use up-cycled olive jars to store my spices.

    Using jars in this way helps keep things tidy and organized in my tiny city center kitchen.


  4. Hi,
    Thank you so so much for linking to my Inspire Me Monday Linky party . I am grateful for many reasons. Please tell me your first name. I feel so supported. I promise I won’t forget again.


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