Something to Smile About: Little Victories

Celebrating life's little victories is fun!

Celebrating life’s little victories is fun!

It seems everything I’ve read lately focuses on the negative. “The stock market is going to crash!” “The bad guys are preparing for war against us!” “The government is taking away our money/rights/freedoms!” Who wants to focus on that? I know, problems must be addressed, but fretting and stewing over them doesn’t accomplish anything except to make me sick to my stomach. I must do what I can, pray without ceasing, and leave it in God’s hands.

So today I choose to focus on things I can smile about. I will celebrate a few little victories, invite you to celebrate with me, and encourage you to share your victories here or on Facebook or Twitter so I can celebrate with you.

The first victory:


More “real” ingredients and lower cost make this sports drink recipe a winner!

Now known as “Mater-ade” in my house (“Mater” being a British word for “Mother”), my version of homemade sports drink has gone over well with my runner-girl and the teammate that I drive home almost every day after practice. My son, who does not run, also guzzles it down. I am so proud of this recipe!

The second victory:

No Bake Granola Bars are quick and easy to make.

No Bake Granola Bars are quick and easy to make.

I didn’t tweak the recipe so much as the process, but my husband and both of my kids LOVE the homemade granola bars. I had to hide them in the freezer so they wouldn’t all disappear in the first day. My husband and daughter have to work all day tomorrow at a fundraiser for her team, so I’ll tuck these in with their lunches. Score!

The third victory:

It's so satisfying to harvest tomatoes you've grown from seed.

It’s so satisfying to harvest tomatoes you’ve grown from seed.

Have you seen my garden posts? It’s been up and down, but we have enjoyed some beautiful, tasty tomatoes and have more to come. We’ve also had celery from the junk garden and green beans from my aunt. Plus there’s a huge pumpkin growing on the vine! Hooray for homegrown!

The fourth victory:

I don’t have a picture of this one. My son has been home all summer between his first and second years of university. He’s hoping for an internship next year, so when he leaves to go back to school in a couple of days it will probably mean he won’t live in my house again. He’ll visit, of course, and his legal residence will remain here while he’s finishing his degree, but his heart will move on to school and then to new horizons. This is exactly what his father and I have raised him to do, study and do the work God has for him, and we are terribly proud of him…but it’s still hard for his mother to see him go. It’s bittersweet, but still a time to celebrate.

So three cheers for four victories this week! Now it’s your turn. What shall we celebrate for you? Please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page or Tweet to @AChatOverCoffee.

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.

2 responses to “Something to Smile About: Little Victories

  1. It’s so important to keep positive even though on some days it may seem like a challenge. Life never goes according to plan, or at least for me it doesn’t, but it’s important to maintain a healthy outlook on life!


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