Catching Up

Thanks for enjoying and sharing A Chat Over Coffee dot com!

Thanks for enjoying and sharing A Chat Over Coffee dot com!

I missed our chat yesterday! I’m sorry!

After our semi-remote weekend with a posse of active teens, we returned home to a full Sunday of worship and the annual church corn roast and corn hole tournament. If you’re not familiar with corn hole, and I wasn’t until we moved to this area of the country, it’s a beanbag-type game using bags that are filled with corn instead of beans. There are regulations for the size and weight of the bags and the dimensions of the target board and the distance between the boards. Yes, we have some corn hole diehards in the congregation and yes, they are very good players.

I, on the other hand, would be a handicap to a five-year-old. I stink at corn hole. Badly. So I helped clean up after the potluck supper instead. It was much better for everyone.

Yesterday I took my sophomore-in-high-school daughter to her university orientation. Yes, university. Our state has a dual enrollment program that will allow her to take a few university classes while she’s in high school and receive both high school and university credit for them. They are real university classes, so she’s going to be working very hard to keep up with that plus her sports, music, and other studies. But she could potentially graduate from high school with enough university credit to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in three years instead of four.

So after a few days away I obviously need to focus on getting caught up around home. Laundry is piled sky-high. A lady from church refers to such monumental stacks of dirty clothes as “Mount Washmore” and I am there today. I also need to finalize my daughter’s other home school plans so she can begin her one online course on Monday, her university online course shortly after, and the rest of her studies after Labor Day.

After attending university orientation I had to order my daughter’s textbooks, which is almost always costly. I saved money versus the university bookstore by renting one and buying another on Amazon. If you use my link (here) to access Amazon and make a purchase then I receive a small referral fee. It doesn’t change the price you pay but it does provide me with the funds to cover the costs associated with keeping this site going, so thank you in advance for your help.

Another way I saved a little on her textbooks was by purchasing an Amazon gift card from a local store that offers fuel points. I paid with my cash-back credit card, the balance of which we will pay off immediately. Counting the fuel rewards and cash back, I saved 5% just by playing the shopping game. It’s only a few dollars, but given the cost of textbooks I was glad for any savings at all!

My other big plan for today is to test a recipe for a homemade sports drink. My daughter runs 5-7 miles per day at cross country practice, so sports drinks are a necessary part of my grocery budget to keep her hydrated and healthy. (Yes, she also drinks a LOT of water.) Finding a cheaper sports drink without ingredients that sound like they belong in her chemistry textbook would be wonderful. I’ll post a link to the recipe on my Facebook page (here) and my Pinterest (here) in case you’d like to try it. UPDATE: I tried the recipe and liked it after I made a few tweaks. It’s posted on my recipe board on Pinterest and here on the blog. And I’d love it if you’d follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (here).

Please comment if you try the sports drink recipe, let us know what flavor you tried, and tell us if you and your family liked it!

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