Inspiration: Notes & Quotes

John 6 Bible

My husband is preaching a sermon series examining how true Christians are a minority in our world. Yesterday Jay spoke from John 6:61-69, where most of Jesus’ followers turned back because His teachings were too hard.

Today we live in a world that is very easily offended, but Jesus never withheld the truth for fear of causing offense. Jay pointed out that maybe we need to be willing to be offended just in case there are truths we need to hear that we do not want to hear.

Jay mentioned three things that Jesus does not do:

1. Jesus does not always give us what we want.
2. Jesus does not teach things in order to be accepted.
3. Jesus does not play games.

“When Jesus said people would go to heaven or hell he wasn’t making a threat. He wasn’t playing games. He was being truthful, and to some people that’s offensive.”
– Jay Russell

(About the Bible photo: Jay studies multiple translations of the Bible when he prepares his sermons and may quote from more than one version when he preaches. The Bible in the photo is one my parents gave me when I was eight years old. The highlighted verse was marked many years ago when I was a girl but is the one Jay used to conclude his sermon yesterday.)

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