Bottling Vanilla Extract (and a SALE!)

Homemade Vanilla Extract is wonderful!

Homemade Vanilla Extract is wonderful!

Today I bottled up my latest batch of homemade vanilla and my hands smell amazing from handling the jars and catching drips. I learned this nifty vanilla-making trick from Laura at It’s not at all difficult, but it does take time for the vanilla to steep, so start now if you want to give homemade vanilla as Christmas gifts!

I love homemade vanilla for baking and for gifting!

I love homemade vanilla for baking and for gifting!

If you’ve never made homemade vanilla, it’s actually really easy and doesn’t take much hands-on time. The months-long wait is for the vanilla to steep in a dark spot in your pantry, but during that time you only need to give the half-gallon container in which your vanilla is brewing into a lovely, dark, cookie-perfecting elixir a gentle shake one every couple of weeks or so. And when it’s done…wowza! Your cookies, coffee, and other kitchen treats will thank you! (And your hands will smell pretty wonderful.)

And with amazingly helpful timing, Olive Nation is having a vanilla sale now through August 3. You can order the same Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans that I like and make your own vanilla, or you can just order ready-to-use vanilla extract. Save 15% with the code VAN15. When you’re ready to bottle up your extract, Olive Nation also has bottles. I like the kind with caps rather than droppers.

Did I mention that bottling up homemade vanilla makes your hands smell really, really good?

Please let me know if you decide to make some homemade vanilla!

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15 responses to “Bottling Vanilla Extract (and a SALE!)

  1. I notice you do not type out the recipes into the body of your post. Is there a reason for this? You can still give credit for the recipe. Just wondering, plus if would be easier, for me, that is.


    • I don’t want to “steal” somebody’s recipe. Bloggers pay to keep their sites up with funding raised through use of referral or affiliate links (which I know you use on other blogs you read, so thanks on behalf of those bloggers) and by selling advertising, which is based upon traffic. I don’t want to steal traffic or credit for another blogger’s work but I do consider it a service to my readers to point out good recipes, and in some cases how I’ve changed those recipes to work for my family. If I make a substantive enough change I consider it a new recipe and will post it. Otherwise I want to give the credit and blog traffic to the recipe owner. Does that make sense?


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