No Spend Weekend Challenge Wrap Up

Could you go an entire weekend without spending any money, even if you had no advance notice?

Could you go an entire weekend without spending any money, even if you had no advance notice?

So…how’d it go? How did you handle the No Spend Weekend Challenge?

If you made it, congratulations! What, if anything, did you do differently to keep from spending? If you didn’t have to do anything differently, what in your normal habits or routine made a no spend weekend work for you?

If you spent money, what caused it? Sometimes things come up and sometimes we are unprepared or undisciplined. Honestly evaluate the situation and think about how you might approach it differently.

Be sure to translate what you learned this weekend, good or bad, into actual steps. Do you need to stock your pantry differently? Do you need to work harder to keep a little more gas in your car? Do you need to develop different habits in shopping or eating out? Whatever it is, form a plan and go for it!

I’ll post another No Spend Weekend Challenge in a few weeks as an opportunity to check on improvement.

Please share what you learned or suggestions that may help others!

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.

2 responses to “No Spend Weekend Challenge Wrap Up

  1. No, I did not try it. I see this mentioned once in awhile by posters on another blog I read. But I don’t feel the need in our position. Not that we have money in excess, but of the way we already live our lives. If it helps those who have a spending problem, then I am glad. However do they just go back to buying whatever it is they feel deprived of during the no spend time? Do they just then buy it anyways after the no spend is over? All the suggestions you offer for getting through a no spend week end are great, but wouldn’t that be even greater if that is how they lived 7 days a week, not 2? What do you think?


    • I agree that a longer challenge is better (we did ours for a month) and that you lose the impact of the challenge if you spend same amount but just move the spending away from the weekend. The idea of this shorter challenge is to start people who aren’t willing to attempt a longer challenge thinking about how and why they spend, which is why there was so much in the posts about paying attention and learning from the experience.


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