Ike Comes to the Midwest – part 4

In September of 2008 we had a Tropical Storm in the Midwest. In what was called a once-in-a-lifetime event, Hurricane Ike blew inland and merged with another storm system, then blew farther north and made a huge mess in states located nowhere near an ocean.

Earlier I thought it would be fun to take a little trip back in time, so I started sharing the text of emails I sent to my parents and family in the aftermath of the storm (edited to disguise names and correct as many typos as I could find). The first three parts of the story are posted here, here, and here. Now let’s find out the rest of the story from this particular day. We’ll pick up with a slight overlap from the last installment.

Tuesday afternoon (continued)

Sweet Pea’s team went ahead and played their soccer game last night, winning 3-1. Then Jay & Sweet Pea had a sing-along with Jay’s guitar that evolved into a jam session when I hauled out the rhythm instruments. We amused ourselves until the kids’ bedtime. My friend and I texted back and forth…she was still hearing it could be days before they get power. With the sweet corn and other freezer items protected, I slept much better last night…

…until something woke me from a sound sleep and I noticed the clock blinking “1:05.” The clock was blinking! I checked my cell phone and saw that it was actually 2:50 am, so I assume the power came on at 1:45 am. Of course I woke Jay with the news and resisted the urge to call or text anyone else to share my rejoicing.

This morning I am catching up on laundry (including the youth minister’s since he still has no electricity), making a list to restock the fridge, and resuming home school (even though public school is off today). The church, the youth minister, Coffee Buddy, Elder1 & Wife1, Elder2 & Wife2, and Jay’s parents still have no power.

The good news is that my friend and her husband were able to get more gas for their generator. Her cell phone coverage is much worse than mine. She is able to text but not make or receive calls without them being dropped almost immediately, so I made a couple of calls for her this morning. I am praying her power comes back on soon because 1 house + 5 kids + no electricity = no fun!

This whole situation has been an example of how the Lord uses His people to provide for each other. My uncle’s offer of corn and Mom’s & my sister’s help getting it into my freezer are paying off. Before the storm I had been saying that God usually fills my freezer when I am going to need to feed somebody. The youth minister pulled food from his fridge and Elder1 & Wife1 brought over the bread to share with the group. My sister and brother-in-law shared their generator to protect the frozen food. Elder2 & Wife2 delivered the news when we didn’t know what was going on in the area. We replaced Jay’s chain saw this summer and he’s been using it while the youth minister has used his brawn to help clear yards & roofs of fallen trees. Both our son and Sweet Pea have been cooperative and helpful, working with us to clean up branches and now to get caught up on laundry. Church folks have been calling to find out who may need help and how they can give it. Our power is back on and church members need to stay connected, so our house may become an internet cafe before the day is over. Jay’s current sermon series is entitled “A River, Not a Pond,” and the aftermath of this storm has been one giant illustration of allowing God’s blessings to flow through our lives into the lives of others.

Obviously we have been very well off. Even those in our area who are still without power are in much better shape than many families in the South who were impacted by the hurricanes. The weather could have been scorching hot or freezing cold or horribly rainy, but it’s very pleasant right now with the windows open. We are very blessed.

So things here are rapidly returning to normal. I trust that everyone receiving this message is safe and well. For those who may be reading e-mail on battery or generator power, please contact us if we may be of assistance.

Yes, it took four installments to get through the first email. I told you it was a long story! I had a couple of sweet replies from my mother and my aunt, then I sent an update. I’ll share those soon.

How have you been able to pass along blessings that you’ve received?

I moderate comments manually but will get them posted as quickly as possible. Please keep your comments kind and if you must disagree please do so without being disagreeable. Rude or inappropriate comments will obviously not be published.

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