How I Get Paid for Shopping Online

I like to shop online, so getting paid for it is fun!

I like to shop online, so getting paid for it is fun!

I do more and more of my shopping online and am always looking for good deals. One place I’ve had success finding them is Ebates. Ebates is an online shopping portal that will pay you a percentage of your purchase in cash back if you go through the Ebates site to get to your favorite online retailer.

Cash back is paid in the form of a “big fat check” once a quarter. Signing up for email updates will allow Ebates to contact you with news about special sales, coupon codes, and sometimes even double cash back deals at some retailers. While I’ve not earned enough cash back to pay my son’s university tuition, getting a little extra back can help make needed items more affordable or offset some of the shipping costs.

Please check out the Ebates site here and read about how it works. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and start earning cash back. Have fun!

How do you save or earn money shopping online?

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4 responses to “How I Get Paid for Shopping Online

  1. Does anyone know if the Internet tax laws have recently changed? I am now being charged tax on Amazon and Shutterfly… this is new!


  2. I am not a shopper. If I do need to order from Amazon or CBD (Christian Book Distributors) I will use a link through a blog I read to support the author of the blog. I order mostly for my job and I have a tax exempt card.

    I will do rebates. We recently received $70 back on a set of tires and I just filled out a form for rebate on furnace filter.

    In general I prefer to support local stores, especially locally owned family stores, not large chain stores.


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