My husband took some vacation time this week so my father-in-law, who is a retired minister, preached in Jay’s place. My father-in-law is a wonderful man, minister, and speaker, so I hated to miss hearing him even though having some much-needed time off was a blessing. A friend from church shared a quote from my father-in-law’s sermon. So encouraging!

Earth is as close to heaven as anyone who rejects Jesus will ever come. Earth is the only hell believers will ever know.

– John Russell

After we returned from our frugal little getaway I brought in a few flowers from the front flower bed. I found the Atlas mason jar at the thrift store ages ago. The rim is nicked so I can’t use it for canning (bottling) but I think it makes a sweet, homey vase.

flowers in atlas jar with logo

I plan to share a little more about our vacation in case anyone else is looking for budget-friendly ideas. I specifically want to tell you about the hiking trails we enjoyed. They provided several hours of free fun and amazing photo opportunities.

What inspiration did you gain from worship or nature this week?

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