Garden Update

I’m sorry to announce that the second planting of green beans failed. (If you missed that story, it’s posted here.) I picked a whopping 13 beans and will probably toss them in a stir fry at some point. Now I’ll pray for an opportunity to glean beans for canning. We thankfully are not in a situation where the loss of a crop means going hungry, but I still prefer to keep my food budget under control with free or frugal sources of fresh veggies. Plus home grown vegetables taste better!


My “huge” harvest of green beans

In better news, my junk garden is doing well and I cut more celery. You may remember that the first cutting was small outer stalks and leaves for Junk Stock. This time I cut some larger stalks for snacking. Of course I saved the smaller pieces and leaves and froze them for the next batch of Junk Stock. This is showing itself to be a good source of free food since the celery roots and the stock ingredients are items that often get thrown away. It’s easier to put up with my garden failures when I can balance them with successes.


The “junk garden” experiment is paying off!

The onions in the junk garden look pretty good and I think I may have to divide them. This is still an experiment, but it looks promising! I’m so pleased to have found another source of free food to supplement my frugal accomplishments. I think I can keep celery and onions growing indoors this winter if I use large enough pots. It looks like I have my next garden experiment in the works!

Have you had any surprises, good or bad, from your garden this year?

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