Notes & Quotes: Sitting in the Chair

Jay just finished a series of sermons themed around the sometimes-surprising spiritual truths found in popular movies. He concluded the series with a sermon about “Bruce Almighty” and how we aren’t meant to be in control of everything.

I kind of hate that because I have a very strong “control freak” aspect to my personality. I also have a strong “fix it” streak. This can be, and often is, a recipe for disaster!

As his closing illustration, Jay asked us to imagine that we worked in the White House. Our job could be anything…even flipping light switches. So imagine walking into the Oval Office and switching on the light and realizing the President isn’t there. What’s the temptation? Of course! Sit in the chair. THE chair. The seat of power. Pretty cool, right?

Then imagine the President walks in. What then? Get up, of course! It’s not your chair.

God, in his desire to have a relationship with us and be a part of our lives, made us with a “chair” in our hearts that’s just for him. A place where he can be there to direct us and help us. But how often have I tried to sit on his chair and refused to get up? Ugh. Too often.

So I’m reminded again to let God sit on the chair, because he’s in charge even when I don’t want to admit it.

What did you take away from worship this week?

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2 responses to “Notes & Quotes: Sitting in the Chair

  1. Your husband has a good grasp of word pictures. How many years has he been pastoring?

    On Sunday we had a guest speaker, a former member who now pastors down South. They do not miss our cold winters, they say, though his family did originally move up here from Kentucky years and years ago. It’s wonderful to see the one-time little children who used to fill our church and classrooms growing up to be adults of faith, raising the next generation.


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