Grocery “Save” – Dried Basil

I sometimes work as a mystery shopper. It’s something interesting that keeps my brain from turning into mashed potatoes. (Stay-at-home moms will know what I mean.) Anyway, I recently did a shop that necessitated buying fresh basil.

I never use fresh basil. I occasionally use fresh herbs, some of which I grow myself, but not basil. I’m not sure why. I just haven’t. I always get it dried. Yeah…not a gourmet.

Getting my daughter ready for her youth conference meant that it wasn’t a good time to try new recipes. But I hate to throw out food! (Which is probably why I make things like Junk Stock. And what is it with me and the asides today?) So I pulled out my dehydrator.

I don’t own a fancy dehydrator. It’s a Nesco American Harvest model like this one. I bought it years ago when I found it on clearance at a big box retailer so that I could make camping food for my son, who was a scout at the time. My dehydrator has two settings; on and off. (Like I said, not a gourmet.)

But I washed the basil and patted it dry and took the leaves off of the stems. I laid the leaves out on the dehydrator trays and ended up with two of the four trays full of fragrant leaves. I alternated the full trays in the dehydrator with the empty trays, set up the motor, and switched it on. About three and a half hours later the basil was dried enough to store.

It's nice to learn new things, especially when it helps me avoid waste and save money.

It’s nice to learn new things, especially when it helps me avoid waste and save money.

Easy peasy. And nothing wasted! I’m always happy when I can “save” groceries rather than have them go to waste and I’m happy to discover that I can do things I might not have tried before.  I do use dried basil fairly frequently, so now that I’ve actually dried it maybe I’ll start growing basil with the couple of other herbs I like to grow for myself. (I know, I know, I should have figured this out long ago!)

What have you learned out of “necessity” or a desire to avoid waste? What other herbs should I try to grow and dry myself?

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