Staying in Touch

Today we saw our daughter off to a week-long conference. I remember when I used to go to conferences or camps as a teen. My mother always found a way to sneak a note into my luggage. She’d remind me to have fun and tell me she loved me.

Going to camp is so exciting! New places, new experiences, and new friends mean special summer memories.

Going to camp is so exciting! New places, new experiences, and new friends mean special summer memories.

As my children got old enough to go to camps I started sneaking notes into their luggage, too. It became a game to do it when they weren’t looking and to hope they wouldn’t think to look for it so they’d be surprised when it turned up. They’d try to act like they were “too cool” for such silliness, but I know they enjoyed it.

My children will tell you they are best friends. They became close while my son was in high school and his departure for university hit his sister hard. She’s loved having him home for this summer. She showed me last night that she had written a bundle of notes to her big brother, one for each day she’ll be gone at youth conference, and left them on his desk with strict instructions not read ahead. He played it cool, but I know him well enough to know he’s pleased. And she’s proud of herself for thinking of it.

Motherhood is hard sometimes…but today it’s pretty amazing for me. The next generation of my family is carrying on the tradition of staying in touch and sharing love even when we’re apart.

How do you stay in touch with the important people in your life?

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3 responses to “Staying in Touch

  1. I am glad your children are close now, may that continue as the grow older and have families. I believe strong family ties are so important.

    We are big letter writers and we send out many cards. The girls and I started making cards eons ago when they were little. The church had a craft night and several ladies taught us how to make and decorate our own cards and envelopes. So every month I look ahead and see whose birthday or anniversary or graduation is upcoming. I get the cards ready and address and stamp. Sometimes I just write a note on the card and sometimes add in a whole letter.

    I think actual physical letter writing is important. How will people look back at our culture hundreds or thousands of years from now and find no journals or letters to tell of how we lived. Everything was digital….Will those emails still be around?


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