Inspiration: Notes & Quotes

If you’ve read my bio then you know my husband is a minister. Here’s a neat excerpt from the sermon he preached on Sunday, July 5, 2015. He is in the middle of a series called “What I Learned at the Movies” that highlights spiritual truths that are, intentionally or not, illustrated in popular movies. This particular sermon discussed how God’s steadfast, loyal love for us is illustrated by Forrest Gump’s steadfast, loyal love for Jenny. The point below specifically pertained to 2 Timothy 2:11-13 but he also used Romans 5:6-8 as a sermon text.

Love doesn’t gloss over sin or approve of things God says are wrong and destructive. If we begin to say certain things are not sinful which God has said are sinful, is that being loyal? We are called to be loyal because that is the path to freedom.

Everyone struggles with sin; the beauty of Jesus dying on the cross is how all sin – those seen as big or small – all of them are offered to be forgiven. But to say things aren’t wrong that God said are wrong is to disown him.

God will not change. He doesn’t need to. He defines love – loyal and righteous.

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2 responses to “Inspiration: Notes & Quotes

  1. Thank you for sharing the excerpt from your husband’s sermon. Too many folks gloss over sin nowadays.

    I have never seen FORREST GUMP. We don’t go to all that many movies. We sometimes rent one or buy one if it seems like something we will watch over and over. Like the TOY STORY movies. I am familiar with the scene about the box of chocolates though. My husband never went to a movie until he was 18 or 19.


    • Jay didn’t necessarily recommend seeing the films he mentioned in the sermon series. He just used them to illustrate how God is so much a part of His creation that even those who don’t recognize Him can and do (inadvertently) proclaim His truths.


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