Let’s enjoy a chat over coffee.

If you’re a full-time homemaker with small children, time and money are often in short supply. My children are older now, but I remember that it was hard (translation: impossible) to afford a babysitter plus the cost of lunch out with a friend when I had littles. Then there’s the fact that outings were difficult to schedule around everybody’s activities or nap time. And let’s face it, having to take the kids along to a restaurant doesn’t provide the best setting for a chat. So my friends would come to my house or I’d go to theirs or we’d meet at church or someplace where the kids could play and we could chat between wiping noses and resolving spats and building towers and knocking them down.

This is my very favorite travel mug and it's obviously seen some hard use! I love the color, I love that it keeps my coffee hot, and I love that it reminds me of happy times spent with my family.

This is my very favorite travel mug and it’s obviously seen some hard use! I love the color, I love that it keeps my coffee hot, and I love that it reminds me of happy times spent with my family.

Now that my littles are not-so-little I like to meet a friend at a nearby coffee shop while the kids are studying at home. We catch up on each other’s lives, share stories about what our kids are doing, admire pictures, discuss articles we’ve read, brag about projects we’ve completed, and generally keep our brains from turning into mashed potatoes…which is a serious problem for those deprived of adult conversation for extended periods of time!

Blogs weren’t a thing when my children were little. But over the years I’ve come to enjoy certain blogs on a near daily basis, usually in the morning over breakfast. It’s like a cross between reading the newspaper at the table and having a chat with a friend over my morning cup of coffee.

Except I refuse to read all of the bad news, at least not so early. What a lousy way to start the day! No, thank you. I’d much rather discover a fun recipe to try, or happen upon the perfect gift to make for my daughter, or admire someone’s beautiful garden and dream a little about my own. Then I can check my to-do list and get going with my mind on something pleasant.

Won’t you please join me for a chat over coffee? Or iced tea. Or a cool glass of water or whatever you enjoy. I’d love to have your company. I’ll share what’s new here and you can let me know what’s happening where you are. I’ll tell you when I find something good that works for me and I hope you’ll show me your projects and your garden and the new recipes you try.

By the way, we’re pretty casual around here. My friend’s husband once happened upon her packing her slippers to bring to the church small group (Life Group, D-group, whatever you call it) that meets at my house. He asked her if she was really going to wear her slippers. My friend told him that she was indeed because she knew I wouldn’t mind at all. I mean, I wear slippers to most winter small group gatherings at my house. So feel free to show up in your slippers, okay?

So how do you take your coffee? If you’re not a coffee drinker, what’s your favorite beverage to enjoy while chatting with a friend?

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4 responses to “Let’s enjoy a chat over coffee.

  1. I love my coffee but it’s got to be “frozen” or “ice blended” – my husband says, “That’s not coffee, that’s a candy bar in a cup.” I say, “What’s your point, honey?”


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